How much silence could you stand?

“It is so quiet all around me
it seems like I can hear
how the rays of moon
are crushing through the windows.”L.Blaga

* * *

Are you already tired by all the harsh noise of the unleashed world? We can send you Far from the Madding Crowd, at the quietest place on Earth. Deep down in the abyss of silence, where nobody can resist too long, you will discover a new world of sounds. The quiet chamber amplifies even the slightest noise, making people accurately aware of anything, including the sound of their heart beating. In fact, the sensation is so intense — including the possibility of hallucinations — that no one has been able to stay in the room longer than 45 minutes.

Find more details here: The quietest place on Earth

4 thoughts on “How much silence could you stand?

  1. lillymilly007

    Perhaps no one can last too long in such a space without any noise, but I think it would be beneficial to spend at least 10 minutes a day in such a room to forget all the noise of the world …


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