A picture is worth a thousand words… Maybe! But 1001 words can compose a tale… Here you are 1000 words:

Everything I need is one more word to get the tale. One day this missing word will come. 🙂
Based on this picture a fairy tale or even a fair story could come. You never know! Until then you could try a guess! Or even better propose yourself a story which describe best the situation. Some people did so and they get back some nice surprises!

Sursa photo: MSNBC

A child stands in pouring rain in the slum of Susan’s Bay in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, where a cholera outbreak has caused 200 deaths, Aug, 22. Early rains together with increasing overcrowding in West Africa cities have pushed the number of reported cases caused by the water-borne bacteria close to 12,000 this year in the region, well past the previous record of 10,000 in 1994. Sierra Leone’s government called the outbreak a “national emergency.”

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