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Money to heaven

Raising the dead

Indonesians of Chinese descent throw fake money to honor their ancestors during the Hungry Ghost Festival in Medan, North Sumatra, on Aug. 31. During the festival, prayers are said so that the souls of ancestors will go to heaven. According to tradition, ghosts and spirits are believed to come out from hell during the seventh month in the Chinese lunar calendar called the Ghost Month.

Source: msnbc

Trapped in the prison books

A picture is worth a thousand words… Maybe! But 1001 words can compose a tale… Here you are 1000 words:

Source: Photos of the week

Everything I need is one more word to get the tale. One day this missing word will come. 🙂

Based on this picture a fairy tale or even a fair story could come. You never know! Until then you could try a guess! Or even better propose yourself a story which describe best the situation. Some people did so and they get back some nice surprises!