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Polluted playground

A picture is worth a thousand words… Maybe! But 1001 words can compose a tale… Here you are 1000 words:

Source: Photos of the week

Everything I need is one more word to get the tale. One day this missing word will come. 🙂

Based on this picture a fairy tale or even a fair story could come. You never know! Until then you could try a guess! Or even better propose yourself a story which describe best the situation. Some people did so and they get back some nice surprises!

Polluted playground

A child jumps on waste products used to make poultry feed at a tannery in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on Oct. 9. Luxury leather goods sold across the world are made in this slum area where workers, including children, are exposed to hazardous chemicals and often injured in horrific accidents, according to a study released by Human Rights Watch on Oct. 9. None of the tanneries treat waste water, which contains animal flesh, sulfuric acid, chromium and lead, leaving it to spew into open gutters and eventually the city’s main river.

A tale with ME in it

* * *

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words… But pictures touched by Pixel Pole worth a whole book. May be a volume of poetry or an adventure novel in which you are the great hero.

PREVIEW – A tale with ME in it

Type of personalization used at PixelPole is photo insertion/manipulation.

A user-submitted photo of the “hero” is uploaded and inserted into the illustrations of the book. The user’s photos are converted into simple line art that is then populated into the illustrations. Unlike text-only personalized illustration books, no pages of these books can be mass-produced as each illustration is unique.

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