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The riddle revealed… and more

Do you know how to search the internet using as criteria the graphic content of a picture? I mean not based on tags or words describing the content. What to do if you want to know where else in internet one particular picture was exposed or how to find a similar picture with a given one? If you know… well, then this post is not for you (unless you don’t want to come with more tips and tricks related to the subject) so you can have a beer instead, or you can try to practice your skills to find out if the pictures exposed HERE are original or not. But if you don’t know, here is a simple solution of this problem in 5 small steps:

1) Get the initial URL (the web address) of the photo you are interested in. For instance the URL for the first photo presented in our previous article is:

2) With Google search for Images use this URL as searching criteria like this:

3) Click enter to get the results. You will obtain something like that:

4) In that screen click the link “search by image”. As a result you will get the expected information like this (which include the “Best guess for this image”):

5. Based on suggestions from Google you can get the links which give you the desired information: Earth From the Air: Photos by Yann Arthus-Bertrand OR The rose only.

* * *

… and for the last photo proposed in the previous topic you will get: Countdown to Paris: Day 2. For the pictures in between first and last… you can try to see if the searching method really work. Surprises can arise. I mean nice surprises.