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My ABC Book

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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words… But pictures touched by Pixel Pole worth a whole book. May be a volume of poetry or an adventure novel in which you are the great hero.


Type of personalization used at PixelPole is photo insertion/manipulation.

A user-submitted photo of the “hero” is uploaded and inserted into the illustrations of the book.  The user’s photos are converted into simple line art that is then populated into the illustrations. Unlike text-only personalized illustration books, no pages of these books can be mass-produced as each illustration is unique.

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Photographing your own children?

It can be quite frustrating and rewarding in the same time! The most important thing that you should be looking for is to capture the spirit of the moment, but here are few tips for you:

The Setting and the Natural Approach: with children, there is no better environment than their own home, with their own things around them, especially toys. Gardens and lawns are a great place to photograph your child or children, but be prepared to get a little mucky. Get on the floor with the baby and shoot as though you were another baby playing, from his or her viewpoint. Be Prepared and have a plan as to where and how you will photograph the child/children.

Clothes and Props. A change of clothes midway through the shoot is a good idea, it gives EVERYONE a break and makes for a more varied portfolio for your family album.

Smile Please! Smile, and keep smiling. I don’t mean to the point where your face seizes up, I mean show the children you are of a happy disposition, assure them you’ll have fun.

Equipment – Whilst it is not necessary to have the latest in Digital or Film SLR camera (Single Lens Reflex), if you are serious about photography, my tip would be to invest in this type of camera. Lighting is probably the most important aspect of not just child photography, but ALL photography. The best lighting will always be natural, by a bright window or in the shade under a tree…  Try, if possible NOT to photograph the child or children in DIRECT sunlight. Direct flash is also a no-no.

Be Ready! Always have your finger on the shutter button, and try to have the camera settings set correctly. Children are one of the most spontaneous and unpredictable subjects you can photograph, you NEVER know what they will do next.

Note: NEVER give out bad photographs. Even if you think the picture itself is sweet, but is blurred, or has red eye, or badly composed, bin it. A parent (including myself) loves any photograph of their child, but a friend of the parent, will just see a bad photograph! That’s why at this point, after you did your best shooting the photos, there comes the photo editing studio, just that is almost impossible to find one that works WITH YOUR PHOTOS. The photographers may or may not accept to apply few effects on their own photos, but definitely not on yours!

Well I find a place where great photo artists work for you and with you: is The Advanced Digital Pictures Editing Studio that takes photos from ordinary to extraordinary and enables customers to transform their pictures in unforgettable memories. See for yourself how your pictures can be the envy of all your friends when using Pixel Pole services on your favorite photos.