Displaying Family Photos

When talking about designing your own space and enhancing it by displaying family photos, there is quite a debate over the subject. We all have families, childhood memories, people we love, so why not have pictures of them in our homes? Pictures inspire us and captivate our imaginations.

Lately I’ve been on the lookout for interesting and beautiful ideas for balancing sentiment and style when it comes to hanging family photos.
Most collections of family pictures have the biggest impact when grouped.

You may group them along an imaginary horizontal line on the wall, behind a big piece of furniture and hang all pictures above it. As shown in the sample.

Another option may be to hang all pictures above and below the midline, if there is no furniture against the wall.

You may like them “lining” the stairwell, at the same distance from each step. Or you may choose the mantel for a more formal display.

Whatever your choice, the most appealing way of grouping your family pictures is to set up the pictures you want to display.
When it comes to choosing which photos to display, there is just one DON’T that everyone agrees with: don’t mix and match different styles of black & whites photos with very colorful ones. The best idea is to ask a photo art designer to find a common thread to tie the pieces together. Perhaps the pictures are part of a set or collection; if not maybe you’ll like them all black and white… but what about those beautiful tones of autumn leaves that you want to keep? Difficult – I know!
A grouping needs a linking element so they are best suited for displaying together. A unifying theme is hard to find among pictures of different people, faraway places, and different seasons, you may find their “linking element” in the same art effect applied to each of them.
For instance in the design of a group of pictures shown here, combining sepia tones and other original pictures works very well, sepia tones being here “the unifying element”.
You may mix black & white pictures with other pictures where the effect of “accent color” is done onto a black and white background. The possibilities are endless; just find a photo art designer to help you choose the effects for your favorite pictures. The answer to the difficult problem of when it comes to displaying family photos will be answered.
I found the answer to my “picture problems” here: Pixel Pole and I do recommend it to everybody.

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